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All of us here at Asana Recovery in Orange County are continually striving to grow our already industry-leading rehab centers in California. Our luxurious recovery centers located just south of Los Angeles have gained hefty reputations primarily because of our first-class care and evidence-based treatment options. Our certified team of addiction specialists and therapists work very hard to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to newly discovered and innovative treatment techniques that, when implemented, improve understanding and the ability to treat each of our patients most effectively.

Asana Recovery offers a modern, relaxed, and comfortable setting near the beautiful coastline of Newport Beach. The drug and alcohol rehab programs and addiction treatment that we make available at Asana Recovery are 100% designed with our patients in mind. Our staff is mindful of the countless hardships suffered every single day that are caused by drug addictions—providing an environment where all the focus can be primarily geared towards a successful and long-lasting recovery. We stand out among our rivals by offering a wide variety of supportive activities for our patients to engage in, where new skills can be developed, and opportunities to learn from each other are magnified.

If you are located within, or south of Los Angeles, California area, reach out to us today where our same-day quick and easy admissions process eliminates the hassle that others often run into when seeking help with substance abuse or mental health disorder causing high amounts of suffering.

Our Facilities

Asana Recovery Residential Treatment Homes

Located in the heart of Orange County, CA Asana Recovery’s Madison Ave home helps individuals find community and camaraderie while recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Located in the heart of Southern California in Orange County, our Costa Mesa rehab facility is within a close proximity to the beach, just between Newport Beach and Huntington Beach.

Our Costa Mesa residential rehab facility is located in the heart of Orange County where nearly 2000 recovery meetings and support groups occur each week. 

Located in the heart of Orange County, CA Asana Recovery’s Madison Ave home helps individuals find community and camaraderie while recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Located in Surf City, USA, Asana Recovery’s Huntington Beach addiction treatment location bridges the gap between luxury and comfort.

Outpatient Facility

Located in a sunny Southern California location close to our residential homes, our new outpatient facility offers a clean, safe, and modern location for our clients to receive the best in outpatient care for substance abuse and mental health issues.

What To Expect

We have built a strong reputation as an alcohol rehab center that can treat men and women while making every effort to maintain our standard of excellence. By continuously going the extra mile and never cutting corners, we are proud to be considered among the most desirable recovery centers for addiction treatment in California.

Your residential stay, at one of our reputable drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, includes round-the-clock monitoring and world-class treatment. All this is done with the primary goal of helping you overcome and drug and alcohol abuse habits and establishing yourself a healthy and positive foreseeable future. Along with the abundance of support from our medical team, case managers, therapists, counselors, and support staff, a few comforting perks include:

A fully furnished room
All meals are prepared
Access to any needed or wanted supplies
Local transportation provided
Great variety of fun activities are part of the Asana experience

Another great advantage that we at Asana offers is access to a professional chef. Having this unique asset has proven to be extremely beneficial because let’s be honest, it is not simple to carry out a specific nutrition plan on your own. Our professional chef uses only the best ingredients to create nutritious and complete meals every day that coincides perfectly with the program you and our nutritionist create together. These healthy and delicious meals are provided three times a day, along with a vast collection of healthy snacks. Comfort And Safety Is Our Priority

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California Addiction Treatment

Asana Recovery offers a grand location conveniently residing in the heart of the sensational beach cities in Southern California. Coming to this ideal location for rehab is very appealing, mostly due to the year-long sunny and warm weather, along with the relaxing and easy-going atmosphere. Our certified therapists are well aware of the difficulties that are seen regularly in patients who are struggling with being out of their comfort zone. With many years of experience, we help patients develop new skills and mechanisms to be able to cope with and overcome difficulties like these. 

Sunny Southern California

California is recognized for the many beautiful beaches and its laid back “chill” culture. But in the year 2013 alone, more than 150,000 California residents enrolled themselves into some form of rehab to treat their substance use disorders. Staggering numbers like this that get reported year after year is what has helped these stunning parts of California in recent years become home to many of the world’s most trusted names in addiction rehab treatment.

When deciding between available treatment options, the program that best fits the individual’s needs to be considered. Expressing this importance, this is a priority for us because we understand the countless dangers often associated with drug and alcohol addictions. At Asana Recovery, we take great pride in our capability of offering a good variety of treatment options that have been developed over an extended period. By being able to provide the desired treatment methods for so many different kinds of people, we can ensure a significant increase in the chances of a successful and long-lasting recovery.

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Asana Recovery - Providing A Safe And Caring Haven

What Our Costa Mesa Rehabilitation Center Offerings Can Do For You… Asana Recovery offers a modern, relaxed, and comfortable setting where you can focus on your recovery and engage in other supportive activities. Your residential stay includes treatment in our luxurious Costa Mesa rehabilitation center. Along with support from our medical team, case manager, therapist, counselors, and support staff. A furnished room, all of your meals, supplies, any local transportation, and activities are also included. Our chef creates a nutritious and complete meal plan in consultation with a nutritionist and prepares all meals, which are provided three times a day, along with healthy snacks.

 Comfort And Safety Is Our Priority

An Asana Recovery Day

Our Beautiful Addiction Treatment Program In Costa Mesa, California Allows Clients To Enjoy Many Activities…