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Huntington Beach Addiction Treatment - Indian Wells

Oftentimes, one of the most important aspects overlooked when searching for an addiction treatment facility is location. It’s important for individuals to separate themselves to solely focus on their recovery, though it is equally important to find a safe and serene location to facilitate that healing.

Located in Surf City, USA, Asana Recovery's Huntington Beach addiction treatment location bridges the gap between luxury and comfort. 

With premier accommodations, each client’s personalized treatment plan is coupled with a scenic backdrop and picturesque setting to facilitate healing, apply new coping skills, and create success. The same amount of detail involved in our therapeutic modalities is also placed into our residential living space to provide comfort and relaxation while you or your loved one focus on what is important.

Huntington Beach Addiction Treatment

At Asana, our Huntington Beach rehab in Orange County is located in a centralized recovery community where over 2000 recovery meetings are offered per week. One of the most important factors in obtaining long-term recovery is not only learning new coping skills, but finding connection. These meetings serve as a way for individuals to form deep connections and foster new relationships while still immersed in a supportive and structured environment. In addition, Huntington Beach is also home to the Huntington Beach Pier, Bolsa Chica State Park, Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, and numerous hiking trails where individuals can take in scenic views as a beautiful backdrop to healing and recovery.

Our luxury facility is an ideal setting for individuals to begin to rediscover themselves and uncover the possibilities of a new life. Just as processing new feelings, addressing maladaptive coping mechanisms, and applying new skills are important to the process of recovery, so is the space that healing partakes in. While individuals are more likely to succeed the longer they stay in a treatment program, Asana offers multiple levels of care so each client can transition back to everyday life in a smooth manner.

In addition to the treatment modalities we provide, Asana also offers the following for clients to connect and develop new hobbies:

Daily Group Activities
Supervised Low-Intensity Exercise
Fresh Air Mindfulness Sessions
Onsite BBQs

The Asana Way

At Asana Recovery, our unique approach differs from other methods seen at facilities in the area. Our core values are held at the highest standard and guide how we achieve our client and staff goals. Our team of highly-distinguished doctors, therapists, and support staff take each of our values and turn them into a healing and life changing experience for each client.

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Take a look below and click to view some photographs of our 9612 Indian Wells residency. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and interested in our Huntington Beach treatment location, contact us today. Our dedicated admissions staff is ready to guide you through the process and answer any questions you have.