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Cody Crawford, CADC-II

Cody Crawford Program Manager

Program Director

Cody brings a wealth of experience and compassion to Asana Recovery, with seven years in the substance abuse field. His journey began as a Behavioral Health Technician and progressed through roles as Operations Director, Admissions Coordinator, Case Manager, and Program Director at various programs. This extensive background has endowed Cody with a profound understanding of addiction and the ability to empathize deeply with each patient, drawing from his personal experiences of overcoming addiction.

Cody holds an Associate of Science in Biology and an Associate of Science in Human Services from Saddleback College, credentials that facilitated his certification as a CADC II. These academic achievements underscore his dedication to understanding both the biological and human aspects of addiction.

On a personal note, Cody takes pride in his self-care practices that keep him balanced. He enjoys long drives down the Pacific Coast Highway, listening to music, and finding peace in the ocean’s presence. Swimming in the sea and feeling the sand between his toes are his ways of reconnecting with nature. Above all, spending time with his 2-year-old daughter brings him immense joy and allows him to reconnect with his inner child, fostering a sense of humility and grounding in his life.