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Simply put, the United States can learn much about drunk driving regulations from Canada. In 2018, the Province of British Columbia implemented a new law changing the limit of blood-alcohol content (BAC) to 0.05. Remarkably, since that time, officials from the province have confirmed an estimated 40% drop in alcohol-related fatal vehicle crashes and a 21% drop in automobile crashes and (even more incredibly) a complete drop in hospital admissions and ambulance calls related to alcohol-caused crashes. Ultimately, when the Canadian province aimed to take control of the roads and drunk driving, the results exceeded expectations. Let’s take a closer look at how British Columbia is taking a stand against drunk driving.

Ambulance Calls and Admission Are Down

According to the 2018 reports from the University of British Columbia, the amount of automobile crashes has dropped by 21% since the new regulation was put into play, and hospital admissions and ambulance calls related to drunk driving incidences dropped by 8% and 7.2% (respectively). Overall, these numbers indicate an 84% drop in motor vehicle accidents, as well as 308 less admissions into hospitals and 2,553 less calls for ambulances due to drunk driving.

Although the new laws were deemed “controversial,” Jeffrey Brubacher (lead author of this study) explained that the changes to the BAC limit have improved road safety and public safety overall. Overall, he is hopeful that other provinces will follow suit.

What Are the Penalties?

Back in 2010, the newer laws about drunk driving were passed in British Columbia, and, in 2011, one of Brubacher’s studies confirmed a staggering 40% drop in fatal crashes and a 23% drop in accidents (in general) related to alcohol use. Now, as part of the initial changes, first-time offenders (those people will a BAD of 0.05 to 0.08) will face a 3-day suspension of a driver’s license and a fine of $600 CAD. Likewise, the arresting officer could approve the vehicle to be impounded for 3 days.

Seeking Treatment for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

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