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Each of us is fully aware of how dangerous cigarettes can be, triggering forms of cancer and a variety of chronic illnesses, but one group of people experiences particularly nasty side effects from smoking: women. Tragically, an estimated 23 million American women, roughly 23% of the female population in our country, continue to smoke cigarettes, but 140,000 of these ladies die as a direct result of health problems stemming from this addiction. Even more disturbing, most of the women who smoke frequently are between the ages of 25 and 44 years. Add to that the fact that 1.5 million teenage girls also smoke cigarettes, and you can see why this is such a major problem among the female populace of the U.S. (and the world, for that matter). Let’s take a closer look at how cigarettes hurt the female body.

Ruination of Birth Control

In general, women who use an oral contraceptive or another variety of hormone-based birth control can potentially suffer from disastrous consequences if they simultaneously smoke. Females who indulge in cigarettes will exhibit a higher risk for cardiovascular disease, including additional threats like blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks, and the problem only worsens past the age of 35. Past accounts have demonstrated that women on “the pill” exhibit high or higher-than-normal blood pressure, but cigarettes only aggravate this situation.

No Babies Here

Besides the obvious risks to unborn children during pregnancy, cigarettes can also inhibit a woman’s fertility, particularly as they get older. What’s the proof? Science has shown that female smokers have only 72% of fertility patterns that nonsmoking women have. Likewise, ovulatory response and zygote implantation/fertilization can be completed inhibited by tobacco chemicals.

Bendable Bones

Perhaps one of the most unnerving side effects of cigarette smoking is osteoporosis. Women who smoke are depleting their bone density and putting themselves at risk for advanced forms of osteoporosis, which can lead to permanent bone damage and untreatable injuries.

Seeking Treatment for Cigarette Use     

Remember that addiction can be triggered by one shot of alcohol or a single puff of a cigarette, but the true danger of this sickness is that you cannot fully determine how much you have to consume before your mind forms an attachment. Social smoking is just as dangerous as chronic smoking, on many levels, but you do not have to smoke to have a good time. Remember, drugs cannot determine if you have fun and do not have control over your life.

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