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Inhalants are found in so many commercial and household items that it is easy to underestimate the serious threat they can pose to an individual’s health and safety. Make no mistake about it, however; inhalants carry such significant short-term and long-term consequences than even a single use provide sufficient reason for concern.

Consuming inhalants via aerosol spray can lead to a frozen trachea which can result in agonizing death. Facial rashes and marks are also common short-term symptoms of inhalant use. Long-term symptoms of inhalant use can include liver and kidney damage, hearing loss, bone marrow damage, depression, delayed brain development, and nerve damage, though the most common long-term symptom is brain damage.

Inhalants can also cause death as a long-term or short-term consequence. In fact, the most common inhalant-related cause of death is known as “sudden sniffing death,” where the heart just stops after the inhalant use. Sudden sniffing death can happen to any user at any time, whether that person is using for the first time or whether they have been using for years.

Because of these startling dangers, it is recommended that professional treatment is sought as soon after the first instance of use as possible.

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