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Anyone can tell you that superheroes are pretty much the dominant force in cinema right now. From the growing DC Extended Universe to the reboot of the Hellboy and Doctor Who franchises, super-powered humans and monsters seem to be popping up from phone booths, bat caves, and TARDISs across the world. Even Bollywood has joined the bandwagon with colorful and high-octane films like Krrish and A Flying Jatt. While they are symbols of justice, superheroes are (deep down) human beings just like us and show the same flaws. So it is only fitting that their stories can teach us compelling lessons about overcoming fears and battling the worst kind of monsters: the ones that prowl inside our minds. Even more interesting, one famous superhero introduced children and teens to the horrors of a particularly deadly beast called alcoholism. Let’s take a look at this infamous story now.

Iron Man: Earth’s Armored Hero

Since his debut in Tales of Defense #39 (March 1963), Iron Man has taken to the skies and has shown no signs of returning to mortal earth. Over the course of his publication history, the Ironclad avenger has become a symbol of Marvel Comics and rightfully earned his spot as one of the greatest superheroes of all time. New generations of children have been introduced to edgier, funnier, and smarter versions of the character (most notably Robert Downey Jr.’s stellar performance in the Avengers franchise). Believe it or not, however, Tony Stark was not always in a good place.

“Demon in a Bottle”

Starting in 1979, the story arc called “Demon in a Bottle” showcased a depressed, exhausted, red-eyed Stark falling deeper into depression and battling alcoholism. Comic book fans consider this story the godfather of alcohol-related stories in any comic book lineup, and, after taking a good long look at the cover, you can definitely see why.

After experiencing complete mental fallout (following a less than pleasant incident with his rival Justin Hammer), Stark begins to give into his breakdown and drinks excessively. Ironically, this story mirrors the life of a spiraling alcoholic in its content and its story progression. From the beginning, things do not look good for Stark, who begins to plummet during one failed battle after another. Later, with counseling from his friend and butler Jarvis, Stark finally makes the decision to take back his life and attend Alcoholics Anonymous.

In a way, you could argue that alcohol has been the strongest enemy Iron Man has faced.

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