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It is clearly understood that when someone becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol that their lives can be ruined.  Once the addiction takes control, the addict usually begins to spiral downward until they hit rock bottom. Rock bottom often includes ruined relationships with family and friends.  It often involved criminal proceedings due to illegal activity with drugs or being arrested for DUI. Rock bottom often usually involved financial ruin as well due to the addict losing a job or unable to maintain gainful employment.   But the addiction epidemic also affects employers looking to fill positions. It has become a problem within the United States that many job openings cannot be filled for the lack of qualified, drug free applicants.

Most employers these days, large and small, will require applicants for positions to undergo a drug test before they can start a job.  Federal and state laws allow for employers to have a set policy in place that requires drug tests, if the employer chooses to do so.  The test is allowed to be done once the applicant has passed all other requirements and is actually offered the job.  But if the drug test is not passed, then the applicant is usually refused the position. Most drug tests can test for substances in urine going back over 30 days.

Currently, the economy of the United States is very good and robust.  The unemployment rate is almost at what economists call “full employment.”  This means that there are so many jobs in the market that anyone who wants to work could easily find a position.  Because of this state of the economy, there are so many jobs out there but not enough people to fill them. With the addiction epidemic in full force, many potential employees cannot pass the drug screening tests required by these employees.

As one employer stated, “I need employees who are engaged in their work while here, of sound mind and doing the best possible job that they can, keeping their fellow co-workers safe at all times.”  This highlights the reason for drug testing employees. If employees come to work high or drunk, it is clearly a safety hazard. The drunk or high employee could threaten the safety of his or her co-workers.  Nothing is more expensive for an employer than employees that were injured on the job. Not only does the employer lose out on the work hours that the injured employee puts in, the employer also has to pay workers’ compensation wage benefits and medical bills to the injured employee.

In some areasof the nation, 4 out of every 10 applicants cannot pass a simple urine drug test.  Obviously, some areas of the country are worse than others, but this number is even greater in rural areas.  Many rural areas have large production facilities due to the fact that land is cheap and wages can be lower, in general.  However, the addiction epidemic has hit rural areas the hardest, thus affecting employers’ inability to fully staff their production facilities.

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