Asana Recovery

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

The Asana Recovery Outpatient Facility is situated in a safe and sunny Huntington Beach location close to our residential homes. We provide a secure and comfortable environment for our clients to get sober and clean from drugs and alcohol.

Our outpatient group therapy rooms offer a community sanctuary where individuals are encouraged to work through deeper issues together, led by exceptional group facilitators. Quiet private rooms allow our certified, compassionate, and experienced counselors and therapists to work one on one with clients as well.


Client Workstations
Medical Room
Private Clinical Offices
Modern Kitchen
Clean Bathrooms
High Speed Internet
Gym Next Door
Meditation Room
Coffee Station
Catered Lunch

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Our Outpatient Facility

We offer a clean, comfortable, and modern location for our clients to receive the best in outpatient care for substance abuse and mental health issues. From workshops to process groups, our clients receive an abundance of education to help them in their recovery from addiction at our facility.

We want our clients to learn how to conquer shame and fear, develop productive life skills, adopt effective coping skills, participate in relapse prevention, and help others who are also starting their journey of recovery.