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Anthem Blue Cross Drug & Alcohol Coverage

Cost is a key factor that sometimes keeps people from seeking treatment for their substance abuse addiction. Those who suffer from addiction, and their loved ones, are intimidated from inpatient and outpatient services because they worry that the price is out of reach. However, insurance can help make treatment affordable. 

If you have Anthem Blue Cross health insurance, you may be able to get coverage for rehab and addiction treatment. Since the passing of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, insurance companies are required to provide essential mental and behavioral health services to all members. They are required to provide the same level of behavioral healthcare treatment as they do for medical services. As a result, Anthem Blue Cross offers coverage for substance abuse treatment. However, what this means and the exact level of coverage will vary depending on the provider and your specific policy. 

If you have Anthem insurance, you may be wondering how much of your treatment will cost and if they can cover it for you. It may feel overwhelming to find out your coverage and how to get insurance to pay for it. You may not have even considered using insurance to cover your treatment. 

Anthem was founded in Indianapolis in 1944. Although initially a mutual insurance company, Anthem would evolve over the following 30 years into the largest insurance provider in the area. Anthem merged with WellPoint in 2004 to become Anthem Blue Cross. Today, they have more than 70 million members through its affiliated companies. In fact, one in eight Americans receives care through a plan that is associated with Anthem Blue Cross.

Anthem Blue Cross Coverage Is Divided Into Four Main Categories Of Plans:

  • Bronze-level: Generally, the lowest level of coverage. The least expensive monthly premiums, but also the highest out-of-pocket expenses. Typical coverage is 60% of costs.
  • Silver-level: They have a higher monthly premium than bronze and less out-of-pocket expenses. Typically, coverage is about 70% of costs.
  • Gold-level: Higher monthly premium than silver, but also more benefits. Typical coverage is about 80% of expenses.
  • Platinum-level: The highest coverage available. The monthly premium is the highest of all levels, but the most extensive coverage from Anthem. Generally, they cover about 90% of the expenses.

Although these are the general levels of coverage, there is variation depending on the state you live in, the services you need, and your specific plan. To get the specifics on what your policy covers, you can check your coverage with Anthem Blue Cross customer service. Our advisors can also give you expert advice and help you navigate your insurance coverage.

Does Anthem Blue Cross Cover Drug Rehabilitation Centers?

Anthem Blue Cross does cover inpatient and outpatient services for drug addiction. Anthem provides coverage for drug therapy as well as detox and other services related to treatment. Anthem’s rehab coverage is mostly through its Blue Cross Blue Shield subsidiaries. However, the amount of coverage depends on your location and the specifics of your plan. 

Most coverage is dependent on several factors, including on the medical necessity of the treatment. Medical necessity refers to the information that the referring physician provides Anthem. This information is then compared to the written stipulations and guidelines of the insurance company. Anthem tries to decide whether the treatment is necessary from a medical standpoint and whether it is essential to help the individual function properly. They also weigh whether it is medically necessary to reduce future costs if the issue isn’t treated. 

However, other factors are also taken into account as well, such as the legal ramification for substance abuse, the type of substance involved, and the expected length of stay. Your insurance is assuring that you are receiving the proper level of care for your needs. To find out what your plan covers and what drug rehabilitation would look like with Anthem Blue Cross, you can contact one of our experts to get the help you need.

Does Anthem Blue Cross Cover Alcohol Rehab Centers?

Although drug dependence may seem obvious for coverage, many people aren’t sure whether they can receive support for their alcohol dependency. They wonder if their drinking issues are enough of a reason to be covered by insurance. Alcohol rehab centers are covered in addition to drug treatment centers with Anthem Blue Cross. There are a variety of options available depending on your plan, from essential treatment to luxury treatment centers. The addiction treatments available through Anthem Blue Cross include:

  • Inpatient hospitalization
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Residential treatment/ detoxification

You may have more choices than you think through Anthem Blue Cross. Speak with one of our representatives to assist you in navigating your policy and the options available to you.

Anthem Blue Cross Mental Health Services

Anthem Blue Cross provides mental health coverage through its available services. Because of their large size, Anthem has an extensive network of mental health care providers that include counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists to find the right health professional for you. Addiction often comes with a dual diagnosis. It is typically symptomatic of another, underlying mental health disorder. Depression, anxiety, bipolar, and PTSD are just a few diagnoses common that co-occur with substance abuse. 

To treat addiction, patients often must address the underlying issues as well. By covering mental health services, you can receive the complete care that you need to achieve sobriety. Anthem Blue Cross also provides care managers that are licensed and experts in the field to help members find the right help for their specific mental health needs.

Anthem Blue Cross Behavioral Health Services

Mental health and behavioral health are joined for Anthem coverage. Behavioral Health Care Managers specialize in creating coordinated care that integrates physical and mental healthcare services for a more unified approach to health.

Anthem Blue Cross For Substance Abuse Treatment

If you have Anthem Blue Cross, you don’t have to worry about paying for your treatment yourself. Our experts here at Asana Recovery can help guide you through the right channels and help you understand exactly what your policy covers.