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The transition back to everyday life after undergoing treatment for addiction can be a difficult one. If a person spent their recovery in an inpatient treatment program, they have to return to a world in which any possibility exists. Even someone undergoing outpatient treatment must resume their normal life.

However, there are ways to keep clean after treatment. Several programs and therapies are available to keep people in recovery on the right track.

What comes next?

At the end of treatment, it’s likely that a person in recovery will have discussed the steps to avoid relapse once their treatment is complete. Asana Recovery explains some of the methods of dealing with the stresses of staying off drugs for the years to come.

The organization recommends assembling a recovery team of loved ones and medical professionals to help with the challenges of staying away from dangerous substances. Another recommendation is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and control the situations in which drugs or alcohol could be present. Extreme lifestyle changes may be necessary to keep clean.

Finally, they tell people in recovery to be prepared to relapse. It is an ever-present danger in the life of a recovering addict. Yet, there are steps that can be taken to avoid relapse.

Can relapse be avoided?

In the event that a person in recovery relapses, it helps to have a plan in place to get them the help that they need. Before a person may relapse, however, there are some preventative measures to take to avoid the situation entirely.

Asana Recovery emphasizes that relapse is a common part of the recovery process. While it’s difficult to endure as a recovering addict or as a family member who is a part of the person’s support team, there are ways to minimize the likelihood of relapse.

Sticking with an entire treatment program is one of the best ways someone can avoid relapse, according to statistics. Otherwise, the organization recommends healthy lifestyle changes, participating in support groups, continuing to take prescribed medication, along with a variety of other tips.

What is the role of Asana Recovery? 

In both recovery and avoiding relapse, the role of the support system is essential to staying away from dangerous substance.

The supervised detoxification and residential treatment program at the Asana Recovery Center incorporates a variety of different therapy techniques that can help those struggling with any stage of addiction. Call us at (949) 438-4504 to learn more about our inspiring facilities and find out whether our drug and alcohol addiction treatment program is right for you.