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Each of us is fully aware of how severe the Opioid Crisis has become. Over the past couple of decades, hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost to this dreadful public health crisis, partially stemming from a string of medications that are 100% legal for prescriptions. However, did you know that one of the groups that has been hit by this crisis the hardest is middle-aged women. Resources indicate that, beginning in 1999, the number of drug-related overdose deaths as skyrocketed among women from age 45 to 60 (an increase from 30% to 64% in estimation). Meanwhile, opioid-related deaths among middle-aged females boosted by a staggering 492%. So, why is this the case? Why are so many older women dying after taking these dangerous painkillers? Let’s take a closer look and find out more information.

Overprescribing Produces Overdoses

According to CDC official Karin Mack and a team of researchers, the majority of these deaths took place among women in the 55 to 64-year old range, and this increase may have something to do with the overutilization of these drugs a decade ago. Dr. Michael Lynch (medical director of the University of Pittsburgh Medical center’s Pittsburgh Poison Center) explains how doctors would casually hand out these drugs 20 years ago, but did positively report a decrease in this sort of activity from 2010 to 2012.

A Tragic Tie-In

So, if physicians are being more careful, why are so many women dying in large numbers? According to Dr. Lynch, one of the most prominent factors may be suicide. During the postmortem examinations, he and his team have found toxic traces of opioids in these women’s systems but cannot officially determine why these ladies took so much of these painkillers. Ultimately, Dr. Lynch added that the fine line between intentional overdose and unintentional overdose has been blurred severely (even abuse has been blended as a factor). As the CDC team proposes, physicians need to keep their patients’ depression, anxiety, and other behavioral problems in check as one means of preventing further tragedies from taking place.

Seeking Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

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