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When you consider the fact that alcohol is one of the most widely distributed addictive substances in the world and consider that this drug is 100% legal, you might see why our country suffers from terrible drinking problems. Although the Center for Disease Control does not specify a specific amount of alcohol as toxic, drinking more and more of this substance can exponentially increase dangerous side effects. Consider, for a moment, that 88,000 people die from alcohol-related incidences on a yearly basis. Also, consider that, between 2006 and 2010, people who consumed excessive amounts of alcohol took 30 years off their lives, as a direct result of violent accidents or fatal illnesses. While we are familiar with how this drug affects the digestive tract and brain, however, did you know that alcohol actually impacts your vision? Let’s take a closer look at the issue of alcohol and poor eyesight.

How Eyes Are Affected by Booze

According to medical research, blurry vision and double vision are direct results of heavy consumption of alcohol, typically falling into the category of binge drinking (four servings of booze in a time limit of 2 hours). Although people will begin to feel these effects at different times (based on body chemistry), these vision problems typically set in when a person’s BAC (blood-alcohol content) reaches 0.08%. Ultimately, these issues worsen as more alcohol enters the body.

Besides these major problems, however, alcoholics can also suffer from additional eye problems. For example, a person’s eyes may become bloodshot due to dehydration (given the fact that alcohol is a diuretic). Meanwhile, too much booze can also stimulate irregular eye movements and poor dilation of the pupils.

Alcohol Damages the Eyes

Ultimately, people who suffer from alcohol use disorder will inflict severe damage on their eyes. Once an overwhelming amount of alcohol enters the body, dangerous levels of toxins begin to increase, leading to major tissue damage in the optic nerve. So, as a result of alcohol abuse and addiction (left untreated), a person will no longer perceive colors, shapes, or friend’s faces as clear as they used to.

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