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Would you enter a car being driven by someone who was intoxicated or high? Hopefully, your answer would be a resounding “no.” The truth of the matter is simple: driving under the influence (DUI) of a chemical substance is illegal and highly dangerous. However, recent studies have showcased some frightening results. According to the Journal of Students on Alcohol and Drugs, one-third of U.S. teenagers have admitted to being the passenger of an intoxicated or drug-impaired motorist. Even worse, the risk of teen drivers dying from DUI is 17 times stronger than the death rate of adult drivers. Whether you are a teen or a grown-up, you must always exercise caution. Here is a closer look at DUI statistics in our country.

The Reality of Drug-Impaired Driving

The 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) uncovered some unnerving truths about DUI. According to collected data:

  • An estimated 20.7 million Americans (ages 16 years and older) had driven their vehicles while impaired by alcohol
  • An additional 11.8 million people had consumed illegal drugs prior to operating their vehicles
  • DUI incidents occur more frequently among men than women
  • Young adults ages 18 to 25 operate vehicles after consuming drugs or alcohol (in contrast to the percentage of people ages 26 and older)

Further studies have also revealed that marijuana is the most common drug found in the systems of drivers impaired by drugs. In fact, motorists who were influenced by THC (delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive agent in marijuana, are two times more likely to cause a catastrophic accident or die (contrasting with people who consume alcohol and other types of drugs).

How Do Drugs Impair Driving Ability

While the statistics are solid, investigators cannot definitively determine how drugs affect people, at least in terms of DUI. Before sitting behind the wheel, people can sometimes mix different drugs or combine drugs with alcohol. However, the good news is that some states have taken the extra step with zero-tolerance laws concerning DUI and DWI. Additionally, law enforcement is also urging state governments to take action with more rigorous blood tests. In the end, research and precautions are the only barriers against death and destruction.

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