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Relapse is extremely common among chronic diseases like hypertension, asthma, and diabetes. It is not surprising, therefore, that relapse is also quite common for the chronic disease of substance addiction. Nevertheless, while relapse may be a natural part of addiction recovery, experiencing a relapse can take an enormous emotional toll. While preventing relapse may be impossible, knowing which factors make it more likely can be a useful tool for relapse avoidance.

A recent study by Canadian researchers has identified several factors that may increase the risk of relapse for painkiller addiction:

  • Method of use: The study found that people who take painkillers intravenously are twice as likely to relapse than other patients
  • Length of use: There was a ten percent higher risk of relapse for every year that painkiller use continued after the first use
  • Intensity of use: There was a seven percent higher risk of relapse for each day painkillers had been used in the prior month
  • Age of patient: Older patients were found to be less likely to experience relapse than younger patients

The most important way to prevent relapse is to get help with a substance addiction at the earliest possible opportunity. Substance addiction is a progressive disease that will become stronger and more difficult to treat the longer it is allowed to continue.

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