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Did you know that substance abuse and mental health issues go hand in hand?

It’s very common for people with mental illness to become addicted to drugs. And many addicts are struggling with some kind of mental health disorder, whether they know it or not.

Most people don’t learn of their mental illness until later in life. Unless they attempt suicide or wind up in jail, it usually doesn’t become obvious that anything is wrong until young adulthood or midlife at the earliest. They might have begun using drugs during adolescence, not realizing they were really just self-medicating.

While self-medicating might work in the short term, it nearly always leads to disastrous consequences down the road. Drug users with mental illness get caught in a vicious cycle whereby their addictions create an exacerbation of their existing symptoms. Those symptoms, being worse, need greater amounts of substances to be coped with. The greater substance abuse then leads to even more intense symptoms, and the cycle repeats.

This is what is often referred to as “spiraling out of control.” The phrase has metaphorical meaning that is quite apt to the situation. Addicts with mental illness tend to get caught in a downward spiral from which it can appear there is no escape.

Fortunately, when treated for both conditions at once, addicts can recover. Many people with substance abuse disorders combined with mental health disorders (known as “dual diagnosis) can and do live normal, productive lives.

At Asana Recovery, we understand the many issues that come into play with addiction.  We recognize that people are complex and multi-faceted. If you are a dual diagnosis person, we will work to help you as a whole and not any one symptom.

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