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Substance addiction is considered to be a progressive disease because it tends to worsen over time. This means that, for the best outcome, is important to seek treatment as early as possible. The question then becomes, is it ever too early to seek treatment? Should an addicted person wait until they feel “ready” before entering a treatment program?

A team led by researchers from Florida Atlantic University recently sought to answer these questions in a new study published in the Journal of Drug Education: Substance Abuse Research & Prevention. Their research found that, contrary to their expectations, while the effect of treatment readiness is positive, it had no significant lingering impact on treatment engagement.

This encouraging research strongly suggestions that those struggling with a substance addiction should not put off treatment until they feel “ready.” Given the benefits of starting treatment at the earliest possible stage of addiction, and considering that readiness has no appreciable impact of the effectiveness of the treatment, enrolling in a treatment program at the first opportunity is the obvious choice.

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