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It is no secret that America is riddled with individuals suffering from heroin addiction. Since 2010, our nation has experienced a rapid increase in the number of users of this potent and addictive substance.

Heroin has a dramatic and immediate effect on a user’s brain. Once used, users feel a sudden rush of euphoria. The level of euphoria in the feel-good neurotransmitters increases by 200%, rapidly influencing the brain’s reward system.

Heroin addiction goes far beyond just negatively impacting a user. Communities across the country are seeing this drug’s harrowing impact. Cities throughout the country are forced to spend billions of dollars combating heroin addiction and resulting crimes each year. Over 100,000 individuals are arrested and over 10,000 heroin overdose deaths happen each year.

A surge in criminal activities is more prominent as robberies and other violent crimes become the norm. Addicts unable to hold down jobs often engage in criminal activity in order to get money for their addictions and, as a result, everyone suffers. Communities see more people move away to escape the issue. This results in abandoned homes and businesses. These buildings are often taken over by homeless individuals and drug addicts and the issue continues to spread and escalate.

In addition to crime, society is seeing an increase in the number of illnesses associated with intravenous drug use. The number of individuals infected with HIV, AIDS, and hepatitis continues to increase. It is estimated that each individual that injects drugs with a needle is responsible for spreading hepatitis to 20 other drug users via needle sharing.

These blood diseases are not limited to addicts. As drug users go out and interact with their family and spouses, they place them at risk of transmission. Furthermore, leaving needles lying throughout the community puts animals and small children at risk of becoming infected as well.

The manner in which heroin use changes a person’s life is astonishing. Physical and psychological effects on users are alarming. Addicts often experience liver and kidney problems, lung collapse and respiratory issues, problems sleeping, and extreme anxiety. The effects of drug addiction ripple from individuals and spread through families and communities at large.

It is difficult for individuals to overcome heroin addiction. This difficulty is due to the body’s natural response to a lack of drugs. As an individual detoxes, they begin to experience horrible withdrawal symptoms. These can range in severity depending on the length and intensity of the addiction, but often include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Sleep problems and intense cravings are often experienced by addicts although the use of medication during detox greatly reduces the side effects individuals feel.

At Asana Recovery, we truly understand how difficult it is for addicts to recover. We see individuals daily struggle to maintain sobriety and we work with them as they battle their disease. Rehabilitation programs are an essential part in the fight against addiction. We have a supervised detox and inpatient treatment program that offers full support in a relaxing and tranquil environment. Call us at (949) 438-4504 to learn about our addiction treatment program today.