Cocaine is a commonly abused substance, with approximately five million Americans admitting to cocaine use every year. Because cocaine abuse can cause significant changes in the brain over time, it is considered a highly addictive substance. While cocaine addiction is primarily treated through behavioral therapies or pharmacological therapies, a recent study suggests that magnetic brain stimulation may be another option.

Magnetic brain stimulation is the process of stimulating parts of the brain with magnetic pulses. According to the study, individuals addicted to cocaine experienced fewer cravings for the drug after undergoing magnetic brain stimulation treatment eight times. While the study involved a small sample of only 32 people, researchers are very encouraged by the results thus far. Notably, not only was the magnetic brain stimulation extremely successful at reducing cocaine use and cravings, the research did not reveal any adverse side effects to the treatment.

Substance addiction is a progressive disease which means that it will only grow worse if left untreated. If you are concerned that you or someone you love may be developing a substance addiction, you should consult a certified addiction treatment specialist at the earliest opportunity.

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