While there is plenty of advice available to help parents talk to their children about drugs and alcohol, there is far less information available for children who are worried that one or both of their parents may be struggling with a substance addiction. Not only are such children often unsure of what to do, they may be afraid to say anything because they are worried about getting in trouble or being taken away from their parents.

If you are worried about a parent’s use of substaKIDS OF ADDICTSnces, it is important to address your concerns with the parent when they are sober. If you are met with initial resistance when you first broach the topic, be persistent and keep trying. Your youth can be an advantage in that it makes it easier to approach the conversation in a more questioning rather than confrontational manner. Open-ended questions about things like why they use, how much they use, and when they started may encourage them to start a process of self-reflection.

If your parent remains unresponsive, you should reach out to another parent, relative, or close friend. Addiction is a disease that gets stronger over time, so early intervention is important.

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