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The Asana Way

The Asana Way is the core principle by which we work… and live. It forms the “blueprint” for how we treat our clients, work with our industry professionals, and engage our staff. Our mission is to provide a healing environment where our clients acknowledge and understand their addiction, embrace a lifestyle of productivity, and find the fulfillment that comes in serving others. Our vision is to inspire Orange County rehab facilities where we can enjoy fulfilling careers and be of service to others. Our values as an organization are placed in the belief that we live what we teach. When you come to Asana Recovery for your addiction treatment, you can expect to see our core values in action.

The Story Behind Addiction

What is addiction

Addiction is a disease of the brain in which an individual compulsively uses substances even when that use is clearly detrimental to their lives. When someone is suffering from addiction, they feel an almost single-minded intensity toward the substance. The addiction ends up taking over their life as they spend more and more of their time finding and using the substance. Over time, the individual will develop a tolerance for the substance and it will take more of the substance to achieve the desired effect. People begin using substances for a variety of reasons: curiosity, stress relief, performance enhancing, or just to feel better. The point when substance use crosses into abuse can be difficult for the user to recognize. A user can be described as having a substance abuse disorder if:

  • the user has tried to stop using and failed
  • experienced social or work problems as a result of using
  • continued using despite known dangers
  • and/or increased their usage to achieve the same effects

If you think you or someone you love might have a substance abuse problem, please call our trained admission counselors who can talk you through the options we offer to find the treatment approach that is right for your situation.


“When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.”


Our Team Leadership

ASANA has a team of professionals that are dedicated to making sure you or your loved one get the best care possible.

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Dr. Chris Small, MD

Medical Director

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Grant Clarke, LCSW

Clinical Director

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Monica Armas, MFT

Program Director

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Yesenia Umaña, BA

Operations Manager

How addiction affects your life

Substance abuse can have a profound effect on the user’s life. Their family struggles as they watch their loved one damage their body with drugs or alcohol. Relationships suffer as the user becomes more intent on finding and using the substance and spends less time with family and friends. As substance abuse increases it becomes more difficult to maintain a balance with the user’s work life and their career suffers. The loss of work can lead to financial hardships which adds to the user’s stress and often leads to increased substance abuse. The user also internalizes the disappointment of friends, family, and co-workers, which leads to more substance abuse to minimize feelings of shame. The disappointment, shame and guilt lead to more substance use in an increasingly destructive cycle.

Substance abuse also impacts your body, leading to an increased chance of diseases. Dependence on drugs or alcohol often causes the user to neglect their body or even harm themselves. The trained staff at Asana Recovery will work with you to rebuild your life. You will explore your interests as you participate in career and volunteer opportunities that can help to guide you in your life after recovery. Addiction does not have to be your story. Let us help you write a new ending that doesn’t include substance abuse.

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How addiction affects your brain

Addiction’s effects can be felt most profoundly in the user’s brain. Drugs effect the brain’s limbic system, which is also known as the brain’s reward center. As drugs effect this system, they cause a release of dopamine, a chemical in the brain that regulates feelings of pleasure, which causes the “high” that is associated with substance abuse. As the user’s external world and relationships begin to crumble, the user relies more heavily on the feelings of pleasure and anxiety relief that dopamine provides. Over time, repeated and increased substance abuse can actually alter the chemistry of the brain. The brain is rewired to be unable to function without the assistance of drugs or alcohol.

As the user attempts to stop using, the brain responds with intense cravings and withdrawals, forcing the user back to drugs to relieve the symptoms. As substance abuse increases, the user begins to feel the effects of this seesaw of dopamine release and withdrawal. This manifests in anxiety, as the user waits for their next dose of the substance. It also causes depression, as the effects of the dopamine wear off and the user is exposed to their raw emotions. Finally, substance abuse can cause paranoia, as the brain begins to distort reality in an attempt to maintain the flow of drugs into the brain. 

Addiction is treatable

The important takeaway from all of the science and research about addiction and the brain and the body is that all of these effects are treatable. The most important part of treatment is recognizing that you have a problem that you cannot solve on your own. Once the user makes the decision to seek treatment, there are a variety of options available. The trained counselors at Asana Recovery can help determine the best course of treatment for each client, depending on their addiction and their needs. Most of the time, a combination of medical and therapeutic treatment can be the beginning of a sustained recovery. Treatment can lead not only to increased physical and emotional health, it can also lead to increased self-esteem and start the repair of relationships with family and friends. But none of this can start unless the user makes that all important first step. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, the decision to seek treatment is vital to the recovery process. Let Asana Recovery help you with this difficult and emotional decision.

Southern California Programs

ASANA Recovery Programs Are Individually Designed To Care For The Patients

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Orange County Detox

Alcohol and drug detox at Asana Recovery starts with licensed, professionals who will help you or a loved one through the challenging stage of detox. Find out more by clicking below.

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Orange County Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment facility, located in Costa Mesa California, is a safe and caring haven that encourages positive behaviors to lead you or a loved one to recovery. Find out more by clicking below.

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Orange County Outpatient

Learn more about how the outpatient programs at Asana Recovery are a critical component of a client’s rehab aftercare program, focusing on enhancing life skills and building healthy habits for continued success in recovery outside treatment.

You Deserve a Fresh Start

Everyone deserves the opportunity to start over and learn from past mistakes. No one is “beyond hope” when it comes to recovery. Often when a user attempts recovery and fails, for a variety of reasons, they begin to feel that recovery is not a possibility for them. We at Asana Recovery disagree. All users are deserving of recovery and our trained professionals will work with each client to determine why past attempts have failed and tailor a treatment plan that ensures success. By taking the step to begin the recovery process, you can begin down the path toward a life you never dared dream was possible. You can have a life that is free of suffering, shame and guilt. You can rebuild healthy relationships with your loved ones. You can have a life that is free of destructive thoughts and behaviors. You can heal your body and your mind. You can have a successful and fulfilling career. At Asana Recovery, we will arm you with the tools and the coping mechanisms you will need to face your addiction head on and build a recovery life that is fulfilling and sustainable.

We Accept PPO Insurance Policies

Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance
Cigna Insurance
MultiPlan Insurance


Aetna Insurance
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Anthem Blue Cross Insurance
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Asana Advantages 

Why choose Asana Recovery as your treatment facility? Because we have a unique approach that you won’t find at any other facility. Our full-service approach to your recovery, coupled with our core values and our exceptional staff create a recovery environment that has proven successful for hundreds of clients. We know that you have a variety of options for your recovery treatment and we commit to providing exceptional care in a healing environment.  Detox, residential and outpatient as a full circle approach

Recovery is a process. Most patients will need to work through all three steps of the recovery process, from detox, to residential treatment, to outpatient treatment. When you arrive at our Orange County Residential Facility, you will enter a recovery process that starts with removing your dependence on drugs, moves into understanding the reasons why you began abusing drugs, and ends with a gradual re-entry into your daily life through outpatient treatment. This three-step approach has been proven to provide the best foundation for long term recovery from substance abuse.

The teamwork that serves as one of our core values begins with your dedicated care team. We have a trifecta of trained professionals ready to walk with you on your recovery journey from the moment you enter our doors. Each member of our team is committed to the meaningful and important mission of helping you achieve lasting sobriety. Our medical staff will work with you to tailor a treatment plan that takes into account other conditions and medications you arrive with. They will determine at your arrival whether or not medical detox (a detox that requires the assistance of medication for the patient’s safety) is needed and if it is, they will supervise your detox closely. 

Our trained therapists will help you identify the underlying causes of your addiction. Through group and individual therapies, as well as some more creative therapy outlets, our therapists will allow you a safe space in which to explore your past, your emotions and your relationships to identify points where healing can begin. Our drug counselors are the ones who will support you in the roughest times. Those times when it feels too hard and you want to throw in the towel. Our trained, compassionate counselors understand your journey. Many of them have been through that journey themselves and have chosen this work so that they can pay it forward to others. Having a counselor who has literally walked the same path you are walking goes a long way towards making that much needed connection to the world outside of addiction. At all three levels, medical, therapeutic, and counseling, our staff is here for you and will fight for you, even when you find it hard to fight for yourself.

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Our core values will change your approach to life

One of the most unique things about treatment at Asana Recovery is the commitment we show to our core values in the course of treatment. The “Asana Way” is the core principle by which we at Asana Recovery work and live. At the center of the “Asana Way” are our core values of gratitude, mindfulness, teamwork, stewardship and creativity. These five values underlie every treatment we provide.

  • Gratitude – Through gratitude we teach you to find the positive in your life and use that to combat your demons. A grateful mind will be better equipped to fight the negative and destructive thoughts that often lead to relapse.
  • Mindfulness – Practicing mindfulness allows you to put that gratitude into practice as you quiet your mind to achieve a kind of peace that you could never find through drug use. Mindfulness forces you to be fully present and helps you to identify triggers and reactions that led to substance abuse.
  • Teamwork – You will learn teamwork as you participate with your treatment team to discover the best course for your recovery. At Asana Recovery, you will be an active participant in your own recovery team.
  • Stewardship – Stewardship is our commitment to care for all of our clients in a way that is worthy of their trust in us.  We know you are taking a leap of faith and we promise to remember and respect that throughout your journey with us.
  • Creativity – Our commitment to creativity manifests in a variety of ways. First, we encourage creativity as part of the treatment process. Sometimes the best treatment plans are unconventional, and we are open to exploring all avenues to advance your recovery. Second, we encourage our clients to explore creatively as they discover new interests and passions outside of substance abuse. These new interests can provide a framework for a successful and fulfilling life outside of recovery.

As you can see, these core values provide an unparalleled recovery experience that you won’t find in any other treatment facility.

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“I came here a broken man, I left ready to face the world and am working a program and trying to the best of my ability to repay my stay here, and to the wonderful staff of counselors, therapists and chef and all the staff that helped me on my journey to sober living and a better life.”

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“Asana Recovery changed my life and set me on the path to recovery. I am now 93 days sober. This is the longest I have been sober in years I am so grateful for the employees and owners. They were incredibly compassionate and even dealt with my occasional outburst. They showed me  the right path!!”

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The recovery process will look different for every individual that goes through it. Recovery takes into account your unique medical history, your medication needs, your mental health history, your family history and your demographics. That being said, the typical recovery stay is anywhere from 28 to 90 days. It is understandable to be concerned about the amount of time that you will be away from your daily life when you take the step to get help for your addiction. The process seems intimidating enough, but the idea of putting your life on hold, and leaving loved ones for an indeterminate amount of time, can add another level of anxiety. Recovery is primarily focused on retraining the brain to function without the aid of drugs or alcohol. There are no shortcuts. The process will be different for each person. It will be easier for some and more difficult for others. At Asana Recovery we will work as a team to find the treatment protocol that is right for you. We will work with you to minimize the disruption of your daily life and make the transition from treatment to outpatient recovery as seamless as possible.


Environment can play an important role in recovery. The ability to devote all available energy to a long and difficult recovery process requires the ability to let go of the stresses and responsibilities of daily life. The location of our Orange County Residential Treatment Center provides an idyllic setting in which to begin your recovery journey. Our facility is minutes from the ocean and provides a sunny and temperate climate year-round. Orange County is home to 42 miles of year-round beaches and some of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. The county averages 14 inches of rain per year, less than half the national average. Sun has been proven to release serotonin, which helps you feel calm and focused, and Orange County gets more than its fair share of sunny days.

Our facility is luxuriously outfitted to provide optimal relaxation and comfort for our residential clients. Our clients have comfortable rooms, chef-prepared meals, and access to a variety of recreational activities, both structured and unstructured. Asana Recovery will provide everything you need to be successful as you begin your recovery journey. Our setting and our luxurious facility provide the solid foundation you need. Our trained medical personnel and therapists, in cooperation with our addiction counselors will build on that foundation.


At Asana Recovery, we never want concern over finances to negatively impact your choice to get help for your addiction. We accept most PPO insurance policies. Our trained admissions counselors are well versed in navigating the complicated insurance landscape and can help you with the approval process. We understand that this is a difficult time and that asking for help is hard enough without adding paperwork and financial bureaucracy to the equation. We will do everything in our power to make the admissions process easy and remove this stress from your plate.