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For thousands of years, flowers from the marijuana plant have been providing “highs” and “lows” to people around the world. From the wild steppes of Eurasia to the islands of Ancient Greece. All this time, people have desired the euphoric pleasantness. This “pleasantness” is experienced after smoking or eating this powerful, mind-altering drug. Have you ever wondered what components add to the high? If you are familiar with the plan, the terms THC and cannabidiol (CBD) will immediately come to mind. After all, balancing these chemicals in different ways can control how you react to a marketed plant. However, did you know that THC is not the only mind-altering agent in marijuana? Let’s take a closer look at its equally powerful cousin that is known as cannabinoid delta-8-THC.

What’s the Difference?

With the exception of several atomic connections, delta-8-THC is nearly identical to THC (delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Overall, delta-8 appears in small fragments in the cannabis plant. It is considered valuable by several companies. For example, Oleum Extracts (a cannabis extractor in Washington State) is developing the “AquaTek Delta-8-THC” distillate cartridge containing doses of the eosteric cannabinoid.

The main difference between the two chemicals is that delta-8 does not maintain as much psychoactive potency as delta-9-THC, which gives users the “high” associated with the plant. Also, unlike its cousin, delta-8 connects CB1 and CB2 receptors in the human nervous system.

Chemotherapy Applications

In 1995, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam conducted an experiment with delta-8-THC through three universities in Jerusalem. As part of the study, eight children between 3 and 13 years of age were administered doses of delta-8 prior to receiving chemotherapy (as part of their regular treatment). Doctors administered delta-8 two hours before the chemo session started and every six hours (within a 24-hour period). As a result, researchers confirmed that the children had not experienced vomiting or other side effects from the treatment (which had initially involved other medications besides delta-8).

Unlike delta-9, delta-8 was proven to be effective as a pharmaceutical compound, without the dangers of excessive psychoactive influences.

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