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A New And Dangerous Drug – “MDPV”

Bath Salts

What is MDPV?

The drug, “MDPV”, also known as Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, is a psychoactive stimulant narcotic. It is also known as “bath salts” as it is found in many household products and in your basic store. MDPV has a powerful effect on the brain as it raises dopamine levels, which leads to the “high” for users.

What are the Effects of MDPV?

MDPV has many powerful effects that affect the brain both short term and long term. Hallucinations and agitation seem to be the most common effects. Also, a sense of euphoria and sexual arousal may also occur. Since it is a stimulant, many users may also exhibit signs of excitability, constant fidgeting, lack of appetite and insomnia. Sweating and bouts of anxiety are also common with persistent users.

What are the “Street” Names for MDPV?

Most common other names it goes by are Super Coke, Maddie, Magic, Vanilla Sky, Bloom, Scarface, Ivory Wave, Cosmic Blast, etc.

What Does MDPV Look Like and how is it Administered?

It comes in a crystal form where users will chop up the crystals into a fine powder base where they will then snort it. It can also be smoked or cooked into a liquid form where users can inject into veins.

Is MDPV Illegal?

Due to widespread and damaging use, the United States Federal Government has put a ban on at least 24 of the most common bath salt drugs. There are so many different varieties of the drugs that lawmakers have struggled to identify others that can be just as detrimental. Makers of bath salts are able to take advantage of the law by saying that they are not for human consumption. The law states that any drug that mimics other drugs are illegal if they are designed for human use.

Where do Users Acquire MDPV?

MDPV is sold in grocery stores, convenience stores, the street, truck stops, pawn shops, tattoo parlors, cigarette outlets, etc. It is sold in packets of 50-500 milligrams and the price ranges from $25 to $50.

How Long Does MDPV Stay in Your System?

On average, the drug, MDPV stays in your system for 48-72 hours. Heavy users can still have traces of the drug in their system for longer. There are many other different chemical compositions that can make it difficult to detect in drug tests.

How Much has MDPV Been in the News?

Two homeless men made national news as one decided to eat the face of another. This lead to fears of a zombie apocalypse. In other instances, a man slaughtered his pet goat in women’s underwear and another man was flinging his intestines at police officers.

How Can I Get Help for Drug Addiction?

Addiction is an issue that takes a multi-level approach to confront. It is a process where assistance and support are greatly needed. At Asana Recovery we are committed to fulfilling your needs to treat you in a relaxing environment. Our team of professionals is ready to treat you at any time.