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It has been three years since your daughter fell into addiction. You remember the days where you would just drop her off with friends knowing that she was safe. It was easy back then to trust her, to allow her to leave the house without having to question her intentions. She used to be so bright, so simple, happy. It has become difficult to get her to open up to you now. The only time you guys can really connect is when it appears that she wants something, other than that she is a recluse. “How could this have happened?” you wonder.

The way that things have been going, it is difficult to keep her in the home. You have found pawn shop receipts for items you once noticed went missing. Your husband is tired and fed up. If it were up to him, she would have been kicked out a long time ago. You cannot do it, however. She is your only daughter. You grew up in a rough neighborhood as a child and cannot bear the thought of her ending up in those types of areas. How can you go on without help?

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Family dynamics can be dramatically impacted by substance addiction. The bonds within family trust run deep and when they become broken, there can be scars left that are challenging to heal. It is not impossible with the proper work. Trust is a building block for cohabitation. As a parent, one must be able to trust their home to be a place of nurture and safety. Substance addiction threatens those foundations by crippling the connecting that an addict has with their family. The tendency to lie, cheat, and steal becomes a common occurrence to keep the unhealthy habit going when money is not available. If this sounds like you or someone you know, it is likely time that you find quality help. There is no need to have to fight the dependency alone or have to mend the relationships without clarity and trust.

At Asana Recovery, we know how difficult it can be when dealing with substance addiction. These can be challenging and testing times that require as much strength as one may foster. The great thing about this fight against dependency is that it does not have to be faced alone. We offer a system that encompasses all facets to recovery. Counseling and aftercare are here to help get your life back on track. The road ahead is not a smooth or easy one, but you can overcome it without having to succumb to substance addiction any further. There is always a way and Asana Recovery is here to help. There is no better time than now!

Asana Recovery offers supervised detoxification and residential treatment programs in a supportive, relaxative, and inspiring environment. The team of trained professionals can ease the transition of releasing addiction. Their unique approach to each individual ensures the highest quality of care available. Call today at (949) 438-4504 to learn more about the facilities and discuss whether this comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction program is right for you.