Christopher Prado

Support Specialist

Christopher has a lot to teach us about passion and commitment to doing what you love while remembering to always help others along the way. That’s why in the company he is one of our Support Specialists. Working hand-in-hand with our medical staff and our clients to guarantee that they are receiving the attention they require to feel comfortable in our care.

His days involve many different and very important tasks, such as observing and reporting the clients’ conditions to make sure they don’t have any adverse reactions or informing if there is any necessary action to be taken by our clinical staff regarding their health. He records, assists, and provides our medical staff with relevant data all while ensuring that our clients are always in the most optimal conditions.  “There’s nothing better than watching people overcome their fears and break the chains of addiction.”

When asked why he enjoys working in this field, he emphasized how important and how passionate he is about helping people turn their lives around so they can become the person they know they can truly be. When he is not working with us, you can find Christopher along with his beautiful wife, Andrea, and their 1-year-old son, Levi. Their small family also gets their fair share of joy and laughs from their two cats, Dream and Luna.

Together they enjoy spending time together as a family watching movies and sports all while enjoying some good food. He is committed to working on himself to always be the best version he can be, so he also finds happiness in attending church, going hiking, and exercising constantly.   Christopher is an all-around wholesome person who works hard on his job and is always a helping hand that guides and ensures that our clients are in great care. Making him a very valuable person both to the team and our clients!