Asana Recovery

Danielle Padilla

Health Technician

I entered the Addiction Industry driven by a personal journey of overcoming struggles with addiction. Having navigated through my challenges, I aspired to contribute to the well-being of others by working in a field where I could provide support and witness personal growth. It’s a fulfilling endeavor that aligns with my own experiences.

Outside of work, you’ll find me enjoying the serenity of the beach and engaging in volleyball, a sport I’m passionate about. Additionally, I prioritize my fitness journey, regularly hitting the gym to stay active and healthy.

On a personal note, I am the youngest of five siblings, with four older brothers. My two bundles of joy, Ralphie and Alanah, bring immense happiness into my life. They are exactly 15 months apart, making every day an adventure in parenthood.

Three things that never fail to bring a smile to my face are spending time with my children, hitting the gym for a good workout, and indulging in moments of solitude on the beach.

Although I haven’t served in the military, I bring a unique perspective and dedication to my work in the Addiction Industry.

While I didn’t attend college, I’ve honed various skills over the years. One interesting tidbit about me is that, despite living in California my entire life, I’ve never seen snow. On a lighter note, I’ve also mastered the art of kendama.