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With more than 200 million people worldwide estimated to use illegal drugs every year, it is critically important that legal systems around the globe handle these cases appropriately. So many legal systems focus exclusively on punishment for illegal acts, but the need for illegal drug users to seek treatment must not be overlooked. Many states in America are starting to recognize traditional courts’ limitations when it comes to addressing the needs of illegal substance users. Drug courts, a specialized system to address illicit drug use and drug-related crime, are one way in which states are trying to adapt.

The concept of drug courts dates back to the crack epidemic of the 1980s, and, specifically, the efforts undertaken in response to the epidemic by legal practitioners in Miami, Florida in 1989. In drug courts, criminal defendants will be given the opportunity to enter into a court-supervised treatment program in exchange for more lenient sentencing. The program requires the active participation of a number of individuals including the judge, prosecutors, defense attorneys, treatment professionals, drug use educators, and law enforcement, but many states believe the approach is well worth it. New York, in particular, has seen such positive results from their drug court program, it has expanded the program to every county in the state.

It is important for everyone involved in the process to respect the defendant’s unique treatment needs. Ensuring that the defendant enrolls in the right treatment program for them will be beneficial for their individual success and for the success of the program as a whole.

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