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With so many drug and alcohol treatment facilities, you want to be sure that you are making the right choice. The goal of a good treatment center is to return substance users to be a productive and functioning member of the family, workplace, and community. Substance abuse has substantive psychological and physiological impacts. A proactive treatment facility can help rebuild the process of living a healthy lifestyle.

According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, an effective treatment program should have specific outcomes. There should be a reduction in the primary drug. The user’s medical and general health should therein increase. As this is done, improvements to personal responsibility can be implored. Improved mental health status is absolutely essential. Educational and employment functioning will encourage the person to be a productive member of society. Criminal and legal issues should also diminish with time and proactive follow-through. Interpersonal relationships will also grow as a result of a healthy treatment regimen.

Research by the National Institute of Drug Addiction (NIDA) shows that drug treatment programs can reduce drug use by 40-60%. Criminal behavior can be reduced by 40% while prospects of employment can be increased by 40%. Although results vary patient to patient, it is ideal to select a program where there is an active involvement by the patient in the treatment process.

Treatment enables people to counteract the addiction’s power over their system. Substance abuse is a disease and, like other chronic diseases, it can be managed and overcome successfully. To prevent relapse, successful treatment requires the decisiveness to choose a different lifestyle. Evaluation and modification of the approach should be incorporated to ensure a successful path.  

Asana Recovery offers a supervised detoxification and residential treatment programs in a supportive, relaxative, and inspiring environment. There is no better time than now. Call us today at (949) 438-4504 to learn more about the facilities and discuss whether our comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction program is right for you.