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Ever since the little green plant called marijuana re-entered the recreational and medical scenes, people have been bustling to learn more about this unique little plant. For thousands of years, cannabis has been at the center of pharmacological studies (even receiving a spiritual status in several religious texts), leaving us to ponder why this herb fell out of popularity among the masses. While it is important to remember that marijuana is still a drug and can produce unwanted side effects, the scientific community is bursting with curiosity about the potential benefits of this substance. In fact, did you know that a cannabinoid in the plant has been proven to be an alleviant for debilitating epileptic seizures? Let’s take a closer look at this incredible aspect of a drug that once fell into shadow.

Helping the Children, One Weed at a Time

If you have been keeping up with drug news over the past couple of months, then you are probably aware of a seizure medication called Epidiolex. Derived from the CBD (cannabidiol) substance in marijuana, this drug is primarily used to treat two rare types of seizure disorders in children, particularly when it is combined with other drugs for epilepsy.

As part of a recent study conducted by Epilepsia, a group of researchers sought to determine why cannabis is such an effective treatment for severe epilepsy. During the experiment, the group assessed four controlled trials and 19 studies (non-randomized), and the results were very uplifting.

Variable Differences with Cannabis

Overall, the researchers did not record any differences between the children who had received the cannabis medications and who had only received placebos (regarding symptoms like vomiting, seizures, and sleep disruption). However, the scientists did make note of the fact that cannabis reduced the median frequency of monthly seizures (contrasting with the effects of the placebo). So, while the drug did not completely get rid of seizures and other side effects, it did ease the children’s symptoms over the long run.

Seeking Treatment for Marijuana Use Disorder

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