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When you consider that 73% of teenagers think that e-cigarettes are completely safe and healthy, you will not be surprised to hear that, recently, cases of teenage vaping have spiked recently. In response, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has sought to develop new regulations for e-cigs following this disturbing news. Last Thursday, Scott Gottlieb (Commissioner of the FDA) announced the call for updates in a recent statement. According to the guidelines, the FDA’s new rules would completely ban stores and website frequented by children to sell flavored e-cig products (e.g. cartridges, flavor packets). However, shops that are completely restricted to adults (tobacconists, vape shops, and age-restricted sites) will not be required to follow these guidelines. So what can we expect from this call-to-action? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Boost in Teen Vaping

Recent data indicates that vaping has boosted to 78% among high school students and to 48% for (even more disturbing) middle-school children. Conducted from March to May 2018, this survey also found that juveniles are vaping more now than they ever have before and are using more flavored items. According to Commissioner Gottlieb, this situation must be stopped. In the announcement, he stated that he would not allow an entire generation of children to fall victim to an addictive substance and continue the cycle of disease and death.

Is It Enough?

While these restrictions apply to most flavored products, some flavors like menthol, mint, and tobacco are still 100% okay. You may be asking yourself “why”? Simply put, Gottlieb does not want to keep adults from using these products who want to use these to quit smoking. However, the FDA has ordered that menthol-flavored cigarettes and cigars should no longer be allowed.

Despite this step toward improvement, Matthew L. Meyers (president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids) stated that these rules are not enough. According to him, this push for reform needs to go even further, and, based on initial research, there is not enough evidence to prove that vape shop employees are preventing juveniles from purchasing products.

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