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When you take a good, long look at the fact, you may begin to realize how much of an impact the little green plant called marijuana has left on our country. Over the course of several years, nearly half of the United States has ruled in favor of medical-grade cannabis, while states in the Midwest and along the Pacific and Atlantic Coasts have permitted recreational marijuana use. However, two sections that still seem to be holding true to their regulations are the South and the Great Plains. While states like Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah have legalized medical cannabis, a majority of states in these areas are still adhering to rigorous reinforcements. In the midst of neighbors that have accepted the fragrant herb, where does that leave Wyoming? Let’s take a closer look at some facts about cannabis laws in the Cowboy State.

Heart of the Old West

Situated in the mountainous region of the United States, Wyoming offers inarguably some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the entire country and offers an escape into the last vestiges of the Old American West. Years before settlers arrived in these lands, the territory that would become Wyoming was inhabited by large populations of Native Americans including the Crow, Arapaho, Lakota, and Shoshone. Ironically, the name “Wyoming” was not originally used to represent this state at all but served as a name for a valley in Pennsylvania (Wyoming Valley). Tourists and locals alike can visit the amazing landmarks of Yellowstone National Park and marvel at the spiky range of the Grand Tetons. Likewise, Wyoming is also home to some beautiful wildlife refuges and historical sites and is considered the windiest state in our country. You will feel like the cowboys of old when you trot through the expansive Great Plains state.

What about Weed?

As of now, medical cannabis and recreational cannabis are 100% illegal in the state, due largely in part to the Wyoming Marijuana Legalization Act’s failure to pass on the 2016 ballot. If this measure had passed, patients with severe epilepsy or other seizure disorders would have been able to get marijuana medication much easier than now. However, one law (effective since 2015) does allow people suffering from particularly nasty seizure disorders to use hemp extract with at least 5% CBD and 0.3% THC content (based on weight). At this time, residents of Wyoming are forbidden from growing marijuana or hemp and producing any products whatsoever.

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