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Over the course of several years, the little green plant called marijuana has been winning a string of victories across the United States. In the 2018 midterm election alone, two states (Missouri and Utah) legalized medical-grade cannabis, while Michigan became the 10th state to allow recreational use of the drug. Still, while the Pacific and Atlantic Coasts dominate the playing field for the pro-cannabis movement, the Midwest and parts of the South have started to sway in favor of the plant (with many exceptions, though). States like Texas and Alabama are unwavering in their marijuana enforcement, with Tennessee bringing up the rear with rigorous drug laws. So where does that leave Ohio’s southern neighbor Kentucky? Let’s take a closer look at some facts about cannabis laws in the aptly named Bluegrass State.

My Old Kentucky Home

Covered with fields of bluegrass and fertile pastures, Kentucky is certainly a beautiful state and might be considered one of the hot spots for true, bonafide, and grade-A country attitude. Overall, Ohio’s neighbor is best known for good old southern living and a multitude of products including bourbon, moonshine, tobacco, and (of course) Kentucky Fried Chicken. Nature-lovers will also appreciate the Bluegrass State for its multitude of national parks, one of the most notable being Mammoth Cave (one of the largest cave systems in the U.S.). Of course, horse lovers will also recognize this state as a heart of horse racing, and tourists flock in droves to take in the expansiveness of the Kentucky Horse Park.

A Long Way Off

Like many other states in our country, Kentucky is still a few paces behind major players in the movement for marijuana legalization. While it might be known for its bluegrass, smoking any form of “grass” will get you nailed by law enforcement. Holding 8 ounces of marijuana can result in a 45-day jail time and a maximum $250 fine, which isn’t as severe as other southern states (but is still pretty stiff). While medical cannabis proposals were introduced in 2016, no action has officially been taken to secure this drug. Interestingly, though, Kentucky is a hot spot for hemp production and ranks as one of the top 5 U.S. States producing a cannabis crop worth $1 billion (annual rate).

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