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Needless to say, Colorado has served as a hot spot for cannabis lovers and medical marijuana patients across the United States. Currently one of the top spots for population growth, the Centennial State is a major tourist attraction as well, boasting some of the most beautiful mountain views and most fun winter activities in our country. However, Cannabis Capital U.S.A. has once again become a media hot spot thanks to a notable event that took place around the 1st of November. Recently, a cannabis cultivator based in Southern Colorado won a landmark dispute (the first of its kind, in fact) that involved federal racketeering laws. So what took place and what makes this incident so relevant? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Courtroom Cannabis

In 2015, a Colorado couple (Michael and Hope Reilly) and Safe Streets Alliance (a group based in Washington D.C.) filed a lawsuit against Parker Walton’s cannabis cultivation facility. As part of the suit, Mr. And Mrs. Reilly claimed that odors and noises emanating from Walton’s building were forcing the property value of the Reilly horse ranch to drop significantly. Back in 2014, the Pueblo County commissioner had approved Walton’s grow facility’s license, and Walton himself argued that this building has the appropriate filtration system to prevent such an issue.

Recently, in an interview with a Denver news program, Walton described the situation as ridiculous and childish, as the Reilly couple was complaining about a building that hadn’t even been established yet.


Interestingly, Mr. Walton’s case is not the first of its kind. Recently, multiple issues involving complaints about nasty smells and noises in marijuana-friendly states have taken place. However, what made the Reilly vs. Walton case different is the fact it was a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) argument. In fact, Michael and Hope Reilly were not only filing the suit against Walton’s facility but also against the State of Colorado itself.

Ultimately, on Wednesday, a Denver jury ruled in favor of Mr. Walton and found that his facility posed no threat whatsoever to the Reilly’s property.

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