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One of the most potent and addictive substances available, heroin overdose has increased fivefold since 2010. It is no secret why heroin is so addictive. Like most opiates, the levels of euphoria experienced within the brain have an immediate impact on the brain’s reward system. Feel good neurotransmitters elevate euphoria by 200% causing an inexplicable sensation of pleasure.

The effects of heroin go beyond the individual user. As heroin burrows into neighborhoods across the nation, drug camps are formed for distribution and use. In Kensington, Philadelphia, 2 encampments were swept by police in an effort to clean up the city. The anti-opioid strategy is just one in a series of plans the city has to end the open-air drug crisis that’s entrenched the area for too long.

The manner by which heroin changes lives is astounding. For users the physical and psychological effects are substantial. Insomnia, liver and kidney disease, lung complications, depression, and antisocial personality disorders are but a few of the ailments derived. The rippling effects penetrate families and society on a larger scale.

Overcoming heroin addiction is difficult as the body goes through withdrawal symptoms. Restlessness, sleep problems, diarrhea, and severe cravings can send a user into relapse. Detoxification and addiction treatment programs can introduce a palpable way of comfortably moving out of repetitive cycles. A complete detoxification is highly suggested to improve the effects of medicinal therapies. A National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) study found a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone to be effective on addiction. The rehabilitation programs are essential to breaking the dependency. Counseling and aftercare processes address the psychological facets of coping with life after addiction.

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