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It is 12:21 am on a Tuesday night and the phone rings. As a mother your heart races. 18-year-old daughter Jessica just graduated from high school and has been acting out of character. She barely got through the last six months of school and you noticed her old gal pals don’t come around as often. In fact, she’s been more reserved than usual. There’s a new friend in her life and you don’t know much about her. You pick up the phone and the nurse on the line tells you that Jessica is in the hospital. When you arrive the officer tells you she took MDMA (molly, ecstasy) and had multiple pills in her purse. It all makes sense now. Her erratic behavior, the mood swings, and the sudden bad attitude she’s recently displayed.

Jessica is like many young adults who decide to use drugs. When she awakens, Jessica tells you she just wanted to have fun like everyone else. She had no idea it would land her in the hospital. Luckily for her, this night resulted in an emergency room visit and not death.

Reports reveal that ecstasy-related emergency visits for young adults under the age of 21 have gone up by 128% over half the decade. The 2011 count for ecstasy-related emergency landings, noted 22,489 visits within the United States. Ecstasy spikes temperature in the body. Stacking pills, taking more than one, can have rapid increases in temperature which may potentially bring about liver, kidney, or heart failure, and even death.

Situations such as these occur every day. It is important to be aware of the changes in children and family dynamics to encourage healthy decision-making practices. A trip to the emergency room is no small matter. In fact, this may be a sign for help as there may be deeper issues to be counseled. Help is always available for anyone seeking clarity in the process.

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