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Recently, studies by JAMA Psychiatry revealed that drinking rates among adults in the United States have exponentially skyrocketed over the past couple of years, which make situations on college campuses particularly dangerous for students. Why is this the case? As they enter the busy world of professional business suits and evolving tech, college-age students are also making their way through savage social environments that are laced with alcoholic drinks and hard partying. So what does this mean for college campuses? Ultimately, alcohol abuse pays both literally and figuratively, racking up big bucks as leaders establish programs to help students. What can be done to stop this? Investing in prevention education might be a good place to start. Let’s see how this program can reverse alcohol problems on college campuses in the United States.

High Costs and Alienation

Overall, colleges suffer from significant financial burdens as a direct result of redirecting valuable resources and energy into resources that combat habitual drinking and alcoholism. In fact, several higher education institutions have still failed to produce any programs focusing on prevention education to help incoming students. Besides upholding a mission of academic excellence and achievement, colleges and universities must also redirect attention to helping students realize that, no matter how beautifully you paint the bottle, booze is bad (in every single way).

Perhaps one of the worst repercussions of this failure to address alcohol problems is that, simply put, some of the brightest minds to enter college do not drink. As a result, these teetotalers are alienated from the “popular crowd” and might forget about colleges with a “party school” rep altogether (including some immensely popular, higher education portals).

Fixing Academic Performance

A recent report from EVERFI’s AlcoholEdu data has confirmed that the amount of drinks consumed at college correlates to the total amount of classes a student misses. In fact, risky drinking and GPA have an unpleasant relationship that results in poor school performance. To get ahead of the game, some institutions are finding loopholes to avoid costs and liabilities to create proactive educational programs and alcohol policies on campus.

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