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How The Brain Can Easily Recover From Meth Addiction


Simply put, meth is one of the deadliest drugs on the planet. It can completely ruin formerly peaceful lives. Once consumed, the dangerous substances in this drug start to eat away at the body. Not to mention the most tragic aspect which is the mind. While meth can produce detrimental effects on the brain, some medical professionals have inquired as to whether or not these damages can be fully reversed through a recovery process.

Overall, this is a complicated question to answer. Although superficial damages will repair after a while, some more severe damage might be more difficult to reverse. Nevertheless, some healing is still possible. However, it can take a long time of patience and determination spent during recovery. Let’s take a closer look and find out some more information.

How Does Meth Damage the Brain?

Keep in mind that long-term meth abuse and addiction will damage the brain on biochemical and physiological levels. As part of the unfortunate path of addiction, user’s brains will bond to the presence of this potent drug. It will be thrown out of balance when it leaves the system. Still, while this biochemical attachment can be resolved, the physiological changes might not be so easy to overcome. Crystal meth will ultimately destroy brain cells. Proper healing will only occur based on the location of the injury (a specific portion of the brain). Here is a simpler layout of the different ways meth can damage the brain:

  • Triggering acute changes in neurotransmitters
  • Completely rewiring the reward system of the brain
  • Destroying brain cells

This emphasizes the importance of starting recovery from meth.

Is Meth Damage Reversal Possible?

In a study conducted by Temple University’s Department of Psychology and Center for Substance Abuse Research in 2010, a team of researchers sought to determine if the brain could properly heal after long periods of drug abuse (drugs included in the study were crystal meth, MDMA, marijuana). In the case of meth, those who are in recovery from it scored exceptionally low on certain tests. The tests were for motor skills, speaking, and mental tasks in contrast to test subjects who had never consumed this drug. Remarkably, the former meth users showed improvements in motor and verbal skills after a healing period of 12 to 17 months. Taking different factors (including mental state prior to drug use and underlying health), victims can heal from meth addiction. However, it required a slow period of rehabilitation.

Seeking Treatment for Crystal Meth Addiction

Methamphetamine is a dangerous drug that can destroy your brain and (as a result) your life. Are you suffering from a severe form of meth addiction or have a friend or family member who is suffering from a similar plight? In either case, be sure to get in touch with Asana Recovery today to learn about your chance to take your first steps towards recovery. Our professional team of counselors and healthcare experts will help you endure the painful process of detox and withdrawal and guide you through each step of the rehabilitation process. No matter how difficult the path may be, you can successfully break free from crystal meth and other deadly substances.

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