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Overall, the great marijuana debate has become a bizarre phenomenon, hasn’t it? From its fiery roots in the 1970s to its current flare-up across America, this herb has gained a horde of followers and an equally large number of antagonists. However, one of the most complicated situations involving this fragrant herb is currently taking place in California. Despite being the forerunner of the medical marijuana battle, the Golden State is currently facing its biggest puzzle yet: how to get residents to purchase pot. Remarkably, as much as people fought to legalize the plant, Californians are not buying enough of it now. Let’s take a closer look at the situation involving legal marijuana in our gorgeous state.

From Skyrocketing to a Steep Plummet

From the start of this debate, California lawmakers were hopeful that their state would bring in billions of dollars in tax revenue, put a damper on the black market, and provide convenient locations to medical marijuana patients across the sunny coast. However, only one year after recreational sales began, the situation could not be more different. Following excessive debates and countless incidences of county prohibition, the market has faced tremendous problems. Likewise, the initial predictions of a continuous, billion-dollar income for the pot industry fell flat. In 2018, $2.5 billion of marijuana was sold, nearly half the amount of the state’s income for 2017. Simply put, the situation looks dire for marijuana.

Is Legalization a Failure?

At this time, officials aren’t ready to throw in the green towel, but the situation in Cali does not look good at all. According to Lynda Hopkins (a member of the board of supervisors of Sonoma county), she faces situations where she believes marijuana legalization was a total waste of time. Although lawmakers were able to convince the public to vote for the little green plant, getting Californians to buy the herb is an entirely different animal.

So, what is the big difference between California and other major players? Why is our state slipping in the marijuana industry? Unlike Canada, which faced a massive drop in marijuana stocks, California is suffering from a major pot surplus. If dispensaries cannot sell enough of the plant, they will be stuck with an overabundance of this weed (definitely not what they bargained for).

Seeking Treatment for Marijuana Use Disorder    

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