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Enabling behavior can be difficult to differentiate from supportive behavior, but a failure to do so can have devastating effects. Some professionals believe that enabling behavior by loved ones is one reason so many people struggling with addiction fail to recognize their problem. Moreover, because addiction is a progressive disease and since enabling behavior helps extend the length of time an individual as able to maintain their addiction, enabling behavior can make the addiction harder to treat and create an increased likelihood of health problems and drug overdose.

If your actions are exhibiting the signs of enabling behavior, it is important to stop that behavior immediately by taking the following steps:

– Stop cleaning up after the addicted person; force them to confront while sober the messes they make while intoxicated

– Question your actions; ask whether a specific form of help will make things better or worse in the long run

– Follow through on plans and activities even if the addicted person refuses to participate

– Take back your autonomy; don’t let the addicted person put you in a place of peril

If someone you love is struggling with a substance addiction, you want your behavior to encourage them to get treatment, not help them maintain their addiction.

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