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How Walk The Line Demonstrates the Grim Reality of Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

When you are invited to perform for inmates at a hardcore Australian prison, you know that you have officially made it big in the music business. This visit was one of many victorious and notorious moments in the life of country music legend Johnny Cash. He was considered by many to be one of the greatest artists of modern times. Inspiring countless genres (blues, rockabilly, rock, and gospel). Also, selling millions of records across the world, Cash boasted a career so inspiring that, of course, it had to be adapted as a motion picture. Back in 2005, Hollywood took the extra mile (so to speak) to produce the film Walk the Line as a tribute to the life and accomplishments of the legendary singer. Besides providing fans with insight into the life of Cash, the movie also touches on a nasty part of his life. More than music fueled his enthusiasm. Let’s take a closer look at how Walk the Line demonstrates the grim reality of drug addiction and alcoholism by depicting the life of Johnny Cash.

Rise Up

Directed by James Mangold and written by Johnny Cash, the film Walk the Line provides audiences with an intimate look at the life and legacy of the iconic country singer (all thanks to the contributions of the legend himself). While it is always difficult to mash an entire life into two or three hours of film, the team of filmmakers and actors managed to provide insight into the victories won and the demons fought during Cash’s remarkable career.

Growing up during the Great Depression, Johnny Cash (Joaquin Phoenix) was far away from the glitz and glam fame and fortune. But, he was still a hard-working guy. After leaving Arkansas to join the Air Force, he buys his very first guitar in (of all places) Germany. He then takes up songwriting. Not long after, he proposes to his love Vivian (Ginnifer Goodwin) and meets a man who changes the course of his life forever. Once the tours begin, Cash starts working with icons like Jerry Lee Lewis. He later makes a name for himself as a humble, down-to-earth everyman. However, some victories, as shown in the film, come with a price.

Hurting Myself

At some point during his career, the wife of Johnny Cash, Vivian filed for divorce due to his addiction. He also had his rampant affairs with multiple women. Eventually, Cash married one of the ladies June Carter (Reese Witherspoon). But, life was still difficult for Johnny Cash due to his severe addiction. However, with the help of Carter, Cash was able to cut his addiction to amphetamines. She would often have to flush them down the toilet to keep him from taking them.

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