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How Wrestling Icon Steve “Sting” Borden Overcame Addiction


During the height of Golden Age wrestling, many superstars including Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, and Lex Luger dominated the stage with their crazed antics and wild personalities. You would imagine that it would take a lot of guts and creativity to reach the top of this colossal heap. Since his debut in 1987, Steve Borden (known to his fans as Sting) took the wrestling world by storm. He stood tall with his outstanding stage persona, wild makeup, and infectious personality. However, Steve Borden at one time suffered from addiction.

To this day, Borden is still regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He has been dubbed the WCW soldier. Even greater, Sting was named “Most Popular Wrestler” by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. However, behind the black and white makeup and the million-dollar contract, this icon of sports entertainment once suffered from a terrible case of drug and alcohol addiction. His return to health is probably one of the most inspiring recovery stories to date. Let’s take a closer look at how Steve “Sting” Borden overcame his addiction.

Beyond the Spotlight

When he was not tackling giant men like Hulk Hogan or Andre the Giant, Borden was not the infectious crowd-pleaser that he portrayed in the ring. Beyond the spotlight, the man known as Sting suffered from severe burnouts. This was due to extensive travel (340 days of touring). Not to mention excruciating injuries, depression, and (ultimately) drug and alcohol addiction. According to Borden, one of the best parts of his life was being inside the wrestling ring. Especially when he could hear the cheers and roars of his fans. But he ultimately blames this fame on his descent into madness. Likewise, Borden explains how his life felt empty without his children and his wife of 19 years. His wife stuck with him throughout, despite the addiction.

Spirituality Is Key

Finally, after leaving the wrestling ring in 2001 (when he set a USA pay per view record during his battle with Hulk Hogan), Borden found his medicine in a very unique spot: spirituality. While he wishes he could turn back time and make the right choices, the wrestling All-Star has attributed his success to his newfound belief in God and his faith. Although he does not discount the success of the 12-step program, Borden has delightfully explained how he found a 12-step program straight to God.

After he left WCW, he was approached by Vince McMahon (CEO of WWE). However, for a time, Borden refused to enter the ring again until 2014. This is when the Sting character debuted at World Wrestling Entertainment. If his experience teaches us anything, it is that you cannot succeed in this life without believing in something greater than yourself. That, overall, is a very comforting notion.

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