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In the midst of a continuously burning marijuana debate, several states have started to sway in favor of the little green plant, with Michigan heading the pack as the 10th state to approve recreational pot. Based on media reports, however, Idaho could be well on its way to legalizing marijuana, at least if its local activists have a say in the matter. At this time, these groups are organizing an initiative to legalize pot in Idaho by 2020 and have argued against what they call “unfair laws.” Ultimately, if this plan is put on the ballot next year, this decision will serve as a landmark move for Idaho. Could the Gem State be this close to introducing small, fragrant gems of its own? Let’s take a closer look at what the activists have proposed.

Laws Based on Lies

At a recent rally in the capital of Boise, cannabis activist groups including Legalize Idaho and Idaho Moms for Marijuana pushed for the effort to legalize the little green plant on New Year’s Day. In a recent interview with High Times, Serra Frank (leader of Legalize Idaho) explained that existing laws are based on total lies, particularly those told by Harry Aslinger in the 1930s. As she added further, decisions about marijuana should be based on science and research, not overhyped fears about reefer madness.

Migrating to Use Marijuana

As she explained, Frank was forced to move to Oregon to purchase medical marijuana as an alleviant for a health problem and only recently returned home to take part in the rally. At the gathering, activists planned to create a legalization initiative that should be ready by 2020 and instigate a lobby day sometime in February. In an interesting twist, the activists produced a string of products including tobacco, alcohol, donuts, and ibuprofen and explained that these regulated products are much more dangerous than a little strand of marijuana (to an extent). Finally, Frank described Idaho as an island isolated from the rest of innovation and change in this country.

Seeking Treatment for Marijuana Use Disorder

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