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If the 2018 midterm election has taught as anything, it is the American public is willing to go the extra mile to make some space for the little green plant called marijuana. While two states (Missouri and Utah) have officially accepted cannabis as an alternative form of medicine, Michigan has finally legalized recreational use of cannabis, meaning thousands of Wolverines can finally get their mitts on the fragrant, mind-altering herb (at some point). In the midst of a Midwest battle of wits, Ohio and Illinois also appear to be establishing more lenient control on the plant. Ultimately, could this final move by the Buckeye State’s northern neighbor pave the way for full legalization of the little plant in the Midwest? Let’s take a look at why this Michigan’s decision might be more influential than we thought.

Fact, Not Fiction

As of November 6, 2018, Michigan has not only become the 10th U.S. state to legalize recreational weed but has also become the first Midwestern state to do so altogether. So why did it take so long for the little state to permit people to smoke without consequence? According to Josh Hovey (communications director for Coalition to Regulation Marijuana Like Alcohol), Michigan is a state that focuses on fact, not fiction. Boldness and wishful thinking have never been parts of its society and has striven to maintain a status equivalent to other major players (like Washington and Colorado).

Fact Checker

Hovey has also added that pro-legalization groups have provided invaluable resources and data that will support further growth in Michigan’s economy and provide relief to law enforcement. On the other side of the board, anti-cannabis groups have been doing the opposite: spreading fear. While his team reinforces facts and numbers, Hovey explains, more frightened individuals are ranting about Reefer Madness (although some claims about addiction are not unwarranted). Likewise, Hovey has cited data from Colorado and Washington, showcasing that marijuana legalization has caused a downgrade in teen use and auto accidents.

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