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Multidimensional family therapy is a type of family/community-based treatment program that was developed and is particularly useful for treating substance addiction in juveniles. The multidimensional family therapy approach is interested in addressing all of the systems and structures that influence an individual’s desire and decision to use or abuse substances, including the individual’s own influence on their behavior as well as the influences of family, peers, education, and community.

A multidimensional family therapy treatment program will include individual patient therapy sessions, individual parent therapy sessions, and collective therapy sessions involving the whole family. The main objectives of multidimensional family therapy are:

  • Treatment Engagement: Encouraging patients to remain active throughout the treatment process and to finish the program to completion.
  • Family Functioning and Stability: Teaching families how to communicate better and helping them heal old wounds to form stronger emotional bonds with one another.
  • School Performance: Bringing in schools to work with the families to address problematic behavior and improve academic outcomes.
  • Promoting Positive Behavior: Working within the community find prosocial alternatives to undesirable, delinquent, or criminal behavior.
  • Addressing Substance Addiction and Mental Health Disorders: Giving patients tools to avoid substance use and ameliorate mental health conditions like stress, depression, and anxiety.

Multidimensional family therapy is easily adaptable to fit the unique needs of the individual and can be practiced as part of an outpatient or residential treatment program.

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