With estimated costs surpassing one trillion dollars and death tolls in the tens of thousands every year, it is no wonder that the opioid crisis continues to dominate news headlines across the United States. The effect of this crisis on women and children, however, remains woefully underexplored. In a welcome change, a recent study by Australian researchers highlights some of these effects.

According to the research, children exposed to opioids while in the womb consistently lagged behind their peers in grade level tests evaluating reading, writing, math, spelling, and grammar skills. By seventh grade, almost 40% of children exposed to opioids while in the womb lagged failed to meet educational standards in at least one of these subject areas.

The Australian study is the very first to examine the academic performance of children who were exposed to opioid in the womb and the results are particularly alarming in light of the news that substance addiction among pregnant women has been increasing.

If you are growing concerned about your drug use or the drug use of someone you love, you should contact a certified addiction specialist at the earliest opportunity. Substance addiction is a progressive disease that will only get worse if left untreated.

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