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Yesterday, December 1, 2018, officials and civilians in countries around the world celebrated World AIDS Day, a time when we show our support for victims of the deadly HIV virus and the terrible autoimmune illness that follows. On this day, the public shows a strong, steadfast, and unanimous support for these victims as we push further and further along the road to finding a cure. In our global attempt to put this vile sickness to a halt, however, we must first understand that this illness is easily transmitted through sharing bodily fluids and (most importantly) injectable drugs. Through the use of filthy needles and shared equipment, the HIV virus will spread to drug addicts seeking to get an extra kick off a syringe. However, recently, doctors from the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio made an interesting discovery that could potentially help these people. Let’s take a look at how OSU researchers discovered that integrated intervention helps HIV/AIDS victims who inject addictive drugs.

HIV Prevention Trials and Subsequent Therapy

Overall, people who inject addictive drugs and suffer from the HIV virus experience unusually high rates of death and can face a rocky road to find appropriate care. However, Dr. William Miller (Ohio State University) and his team have developed a new intervention program that will reduce the health risks of HIV patients and help them survive longer. As part of the program, the following stages and completed:

  • Instant referral to rigorous anti-HIV therapy
  • A systems navigator to help patients enroll in and continue with treatment for HIV and addiction (or substance abuse)
  • Psychosocial counseling to help patients conquer their problems and continue receiving treatments

The Results Are Promising

After 1 year of trials, Dr. Miller and his team confirmed that 72% of patients enrolled in the integrated intervention therapy program underwent antiviral therapy to prevent HIV. As a result, 41% of the patients did not have a trace of the virus in their bloodstreams, contrasting with 43% and 24% for standard care. Likewise, program participants received more treatment (particularly medication-assisted therapy) for substance abuse disorders at a higher rate than standard care participants.

During the initial trial, the researcher team instructed HIV-patients to take on a partner who was not suffering from the virus. After the year-long wait, Miller’s team determined that no HIV cases broke out among the 187 injection partners, while 619 infections spread among the standard care participants.

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