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For an addict, treatment is just the beginning of a new life. It took several years to get you to where you are and it will take several more years to get you where you want to be. Although this may seem daunting and impossible, it is neither an overly complicated process nor a time-consuming task.

With over 20 million individuals in the United States actively abusing a substance, it is reassuring to see over 23.5 million in recovery from substance abuse. This equates to 10% of all adults in the country, most of which hide in plain sight.

Recent changes in healthcare have made access to treatment facilities easier for addicts. Most healthcare plans on the market now offer addiction treatment and will cover the majority of costs. This helps addicts better afford the costs associated with detox, inpatient, and outpatient services.

Statistics show the majority of individuals in recovery were actively using for an average of 18 years before seeking treatment. Most individuals enter recovery by the age of 36 and report being in recovery for 10 years at the time of the survey.

Recovery from drugs and alcohol is shown to dramatically improve all areas of an addict’s life. They are able to better manage their health and finances and have improved relationships with friends, family members, and members of their communities. Additionally, there is an astonishing increase in the employment and work of individuals. Some ways addicts’ lives have changed through recovery are:

  • Better able to manage finances and pay bills on time
  • Better ability at planning financially for the future
  • Less involvement in domestic violence
  • A major increase in family activities
  • Higher volunteer rates throughout the community
  • More active in political events and voting
  • Higher treatment percentage of individuals suffering from mental and emotional     health problems
  • Less involvement in criminal activities
  • More likely to continue education or training
  • A higher rate of steady employment

As recovery continues to progress over the years, more addicts are increasing their involvement in the community. They are actively engaging in healthy activities, eating better, and regularly exercising.

Recovery is REAL

It may be hard to rationalize as an active addict, but there truly is a better life waiting for you after addiction. Hope needs to be so you can follow the right path. Recovery isn’t just a thing that you go through and then complete. Recover is real, and it is a continual process throughout the rest of your life. Becoming more involved in your family and friends’ lives, the community, and doing things for you are all excellent habits to continue.

At Asana Recovery, we empower addicts daily through counseling and activities. There is hope for everyone and it is important for addicts to recognize it and design a unique path toward achieving and living a life of sobriety. Learning your own strengths and coping with your weaknesses are all part of the road to recovery and invaluable information you need. If you or someone you know is battling an addiction or needs help on their recovery, call us today at (949)438-4504 to see how we can help.