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Over the course of three years, the United States has continued to trudge through the thick muck of the marijuana debate, with more and more states beginning to sway in favor of the little green plant. Our latest edition to the game is Michigan (which became the 10th state to authorize the use of the plant). Now, after six months of debate, the State of Rhode Island might not be too far behind. Back in May 2018, Senator Joshua Miller (D) proposed a system for taxing and regulating marijuana, similar to the system utilized by its neighbor Massachusetts. So, could this tiny member of the New England coastline be the next U.S. state to allow the drug for adult use in full? Let’s take a closer look at this recent announcement and find out some more information.

Now More Than Ever

Based on recent reports, the chances of Rhode Island taking immediate action to legalize recreational marijuana are very likely, considering the recent activities that have taken place in New England in recent years. In fact, last month, Massachusetts (the tiny state’s neighbor) opened up two dispensaries that were highly successful, while Vermont officially became the 9th state to allow recreational pot. Although it established a medical marijuana program in 2006, Rhode Island has not managed to garner much attention regarding pro-cannabis movements until now. Overall, the combination of views of Rhode Island residents and New England locals in general could hold sway over this decision.

Proactive Pot Plan

Based on a report from the Providence Journal, lawmakers are pushing for a more proactive plan for the little green plant’s legal status. Scott Slater, a Democratic State Representative of Rhode Island, simply put that lawmakers should just legalize the drug so it can be regulated. Furthermore, as he points out, the tax money can be put toward prevention goals.

At this time, legal marijuana is only available to Rhode Island residents who are traveling to Massachusetts, which has definitely gotten the attention of state leaders. In another Providence Journal report, Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo explained she is fully supportive of legal marijuana as long as the drug is kept away from kids.

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