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Singer Belinda Carlisle Talks About Her Cocaine Addiction


Ultimately, celebrities in the music industry have to face a multitude of crazy events. Events ranging from creating the next big project to maintaining a public image. However, while this world of electric guitars, crazy stage lights, and roaring audiences might seem like a dream on the surface, many artists have struggled to maintain this wealthy lifestyle over the course of their careers. Although many singers and musicians during the 1970s, 80s, and 90s appeared to be the face of charm and happiness, in reality, these men and women were struggling to fight problems with addiction and abuse. Just ask beloved singer Belinda Carlisle, who recently opened up about her nearly 30-year addiction to cocaine, possibly one of the most dangerous drugs on the market. Let’s take a closer look and find out more about her story.

America’s Sweetheart Turned Addict

During the height of the 1980s, Belinda Carlisle served as the lead singer for the Go-Go’s. Possibly one of the most iconic girl rock bands of all time. They were the only female group who wrote and played their original songs. After producing Beauty and the Best and soaring to popularity, the band landed in the middle of an extravagant California lifestyle. This lifestyle filled with gorgeous beaches, nonstop action, and (of course) crazy parties.

Although the media called her “America’s Sweetheart,” Carlisle strongly believes she never deserved that title. According to the singer, both her father and grandfather suffered from alcoholism. She was severely abused by her stepfather (who also had a severe drinking problem). After seeking refuge in the “punk scene,” Carlisle turned to alcohol before experimenting with cocaine. This spawned an addiction that lasted 30 years.

Finding Inner Peace at Last

Finally, when Carlisle hit the age of 40, change took root. After the singer recovered from a 3-day cocaine bender, her husband laid down the law, and Carlisle sought treatment for her addiction and therapy for her depression. According to her, the continuous cycle of guilt, shame, and denial kept her from healing (initially).

Now, Belinda Carlisle is separated from drugs and lives in Thailand. There, she practices Buddhism and meditation to keep calm and focused.

Seeking Treatment for Cocaine Addiction  

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