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Even as cannabis continues to sweep a path of favoritism across our country, keep in mind that some states still keep a tight grip on drug regulations. In the race, Washington and Colorado have topped the heap as pot havens for U.S. citizens, but states like Alabama and Texas are still banning the recreational and medical use of the drug. Despite the warm welcome from other states, half of our country is still preventing the widespread use of the little green plant and (at present) do not seem to be close to changing that pace. One state that has continued to hold true is rugged Georgia, the southern belle and close neighbor of Florida. So how does the Peach State maintain regulations? Let’s take a look at some facts about existing cannabis laws in Georgia.

Peach State

Situated next to the beautiful beaches and lagoons of Florida, Georgia offers a more rugged view of the picturesque Deep South, although it has much to offer locals and tourists alike. One of the first Confederate States, Georgia was one of the original Confederate states before rejoining our union in 1870, and traces of epic battles still ring through the wild, open air. In recent years, the Peach State has also garnered a reputation as the “Hollywood of the South,” being the filming location for productions like Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, Hidden Figures, Baby Driver, and Black Panther. For the nature lover, the Georgia Aquarium offers a first-rate view of local marine life and the wonders of the deep sea. Of course, a visit to this beautiful state is not complete without sampling the namesake: the Georgia Peach.

Misdemeanor at Best

While Georgia has not budged on its marijuana laws, the Peach State has started to loosen its grip on existing drug regulations. For example, possession of weed (1 ounce or less) was once labeled as a misdemeanor and a $1,000 fine, but, in 2017, lawmakers completely decriminalized recreational use, lowering the fine to $75. However, if people are caught with a marijuana quantity larger than an ounce, they will face felony charges, a 10-year (maximum) prison time, and a maximum fine of $5,000. As you can see, the southern belle is not so sweet (like its peaches) when it comes to marijuana restrictions, after all.

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